who we are

In the Beginning

Michelle Culler and Sandi Liscinsky met at their first Reiki class in downtown Frederick, Maryland. They were partners in class who somehow felt connected. They finished their Reiki Masters' training class in Sedona, Arizona.

Michelle and Sandi's Reiki Master wanted them to join her and become business partners, helping to spread light through energy healing. But the California sun and waves convinced our Reiki Master to relocate, so Michelle and Sandi were left to start this journey on their own. 

They had to come up with a new name and logo for their business. Several common dreams they had were of fiery embers, the number 7 and sights of healing.  They knew that the name Seven Embers Healing was perfect and the vision of the logo came the night before meeting with a designer. 

Our first treatment room.

Our first treatment room.

We Moved

If you came to see us before October 2017, we have recently moved upstairs, to a bigger studio.  Our new entrance is on the west side of the same building. Side door located at the brick driveway.

Present Day

Michelle and Sandi have come a long way in the last few years.

Michelle has expanded her massage techniques to  include Reflexology, CranioSacral massage, hot stone massage, and cupping.

Sandi has also continued her Reiki training in the Usui Holy Fire II, and is a registered Karuna Reiki Master.

In 2017, Michelle and Sandi welcomed Agnes Dodge to Seven Embers Healing. 

Our current treatment room.

Our current treatment room.