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Here is what they are saying about Sandi

September 2018

My appointment was absolutely fabulous. Sandi DOES facilitate healing, both by being the conduit for the energy of the Divine and by her innate warmth, intuition, and intelligence. I will most definitely be back again......Nicole M.

May 2018

I just wanted to pass along a very heartfelt thanks to Sandi for her skilled care over the past year. She really has a gift and exudes a healing energy......Mike J.

December 2017

Thanks to Sandi for an excellent session. As I was leaving from my appointment I was humming a song about letting go.....Mike J.

April 2017

Reiki Healing - One of the best experiences I have ever had. Sandi is truly gifted. I will continue to go back for more sessions. Rhonda B.

April 2017 

Amazing session with Sandi, she knows how great Reiki is  for me!

Christine N.

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