Benefits of Massage

Regular massage is a wonderful form of preventative medicine.


Increases range of motion

Strengths immune system 

Flushes lymphatic system

Eases depression and anxiety

Improves quality of fascial (connective) tissue

Increases oxygenated blood flow to muscles

Relaxes tired and sore muscles

Regenerates scar tissue and post surgical tissue

Releases endorphins

Decreases cortisol levels

Lowers blood pressure


There is nothing like an intuitive massage that guides you back home to yourself.  We all need a little more yin (calm, meditative, receptive side of ourselves) in our active, speedy lives.


"Massage could very well be one of the oldest and most simple forms of health care. The Egyptians were doing it, the ancient East Indians were doing it and so were the Chinese. It was and still is a staple in Eastern cultures."  (Seattle Athletic Club, 2015)

What to Expect Your First Massage Session

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