Psychic Reading / Energy Healing

Psychic Reading / Energy Healing Session

Sometimes clients aren't sure what they need and that's okay, just book a session and everything will naturally unfold. This new format will give Sandi more time to incorporate intuitive guidance, address your needs and treat you more holistically. This type of service is strongly recommended for those who have a lot going on, and are feeling extra affected by negative energy, past and present people & situations or other personal issues. Sandi finds that psychic readings and energy work go hand in hand and both can be incorporated for best effect. Each case is different.

  • In this newly designed session Oracle cards will be used in order to gain extra insight or validation, and on occasion a loved one in spirit might come through. 
  • Energy healing and release is often intuitively interwoven into sessions, as this is a natural part of the angelic guidance and assistance, in order to heal your personal situation(s) and internal wellness.  
  • All intuitive messages, guidance and information given are accurate and felt deeply on a soul level.  Each client is different, yet it is common to feel goose-bumps, angelic energy, and by the end of the session feel lighter, clearer and more at peace - like a noticeable 'shift' has happened.

What Will Happen in the Session? 

Sandi will initially intuitively guide and consult you and then you will receive the energy work. You will be seated and then lay on treatment table for your healing portion.

She will gently guide and counsel you through the session and will act as a conduit,  directing the channelled energy your way, and  share any intuitive feelings she picks up. Each client is different and has their own individual needs.  Energy work can include any of the following, & more:

  • Angel Therapy
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Cord cutting
  • Removal of negative energy affecting you such as: - curses & spells - black magick - psychic attack
  • ​Clearing Spirit / Entity attachments 
  • ​Clearing negatively impacting energy


Energy Healing and Release

What is 'Energy Healing'?
Energy healing is a form of channeling Divine energy, or 'chi', the life-force energy that connects us all. The energy is pure, light-filled and high vibrational. I work as the facilitator/conduit, and work very closely with the angels, Archangels Michael & Raphael, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and other high beings of light. Energy healing works with your energetic body to heal and repair whatever is needed, as well as bring you back into 'balance'. 

What is 'Energy Release' or 'Energy Clearing'?
Energy release or clearing is when you release negative or unserving energy from your energetic body (aura) and / or clear your energy field. It can include anything from general negative/ toxic energy, 'thought forms' and energy from other people, psychic cords, curses, etc. It can also be thorough chakra or auric clearing.  There are many different techniques that may be used, depending on your current state.

What is Negative Energy?
Negative energy is accumulated from your life experiences and contact with other people (both in person and at a distance and also from any form of electronic communications). It becomes stored in your physical and energetic body (auric system). There are various kinds of negative energy, on a spectrum from very mild to extremely intense or even debilitating. It could include anything from your own or others' negative thoughts, emotions and energy, or deliberate negative energy directed towards you such as anger, jealousy, and control. Just imagine you are a sponge to all of it. And my job is to rinse it out!

How Does Negative Energy Affect You?
Everyone is affected by energy, and most people are completely unaware of this fact. It impacts your every day life and the way you think, feel, act, behave and even react. It can limit, restrict and block you from living a happy life, achieving personal success, fulfilment, keep you from moving forward, and it can affect your relationships and the interactions you have with people. It can influence you minimally or severely, and effect YOU on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).


 If you are going through severe dark energy such as demonic or other attack, please reach out to a trustworthy priest, shaman or someone who specializes in such cases or send an email and she will send you a recommendation(s).

Thank you.