Sandi Liscinsky

Owner, Usui, Holy Fire II, Karuna®, Reiki Master/Teacher


is a registered Usui Reiki, Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher.  An Associate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) Sandi provides Reiki training following the ICRT curriculum. 

Her ability as an empath and intuitive healer enables her to provide you with a healing session that is customized specifically to your needs.  She works as a clear channel to facilitate emotional/pain relief and enhance your spiritual connection to fully strengthen your body's own healing ability. Sandi's abilities as an empath also allows her to access and document any energy disruptions prior to her meeting you; by scanning Sandi is able to know what essential oils and crystals are best to incorporate into your treatment. And on occasion Sandi has been known to send you home with your own healing crystals.

Sandi specializes in working with women who are experiencing fertility issues, works with those suffering with heart/chest/lung related issues, those diagnosed with cancer, digestive disorders, lyme disease, anxiety, IBS, insomnia and even more. Reiki healing for the mind, body and spirit ("whole body") with less negative side affects.

Her journey started 20+ years ago when she was hospitalized for several weeks and diagnosed with two brain aneurysms. She began to pray and meditate for a miracle. Days later, the doctors could no longer see the aneurysms because they had disappeared. The doctors could not explain, and she didn't fully understand what had happened, but knew that she had just experienced the power of Source. God's amazing grace and merciful presence continues to work in her and throughout her life. 

Her goal as a practitioner is to aid in your wellness and provide you with a relaxing experience for the mind, body and spirit. As a teacher she is ready to pass on this knowledge and help build your confidence as you adventure out on your Reiki journey. Dreams do come true - having a space for healing, she is forever discovering and amazed by her healing abilities that Reiki offers.  


To schedule your appointment with Sandi please call (240) 285-7288, email  or "Book Now" online.

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