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Sandi's New Service


Psychic Reading/Energy Healing Sessions

In order to serve my clients better, I am adding/separating the Psychic Reading/Energy Healing to a new service. With this newly designed Psychic Reading/Energy Healing Session, Oracle cards will be used in order to gain extra insight and/or validation, and on occasion I can guarantee a loved one in spirit might come through. Energy healing will be interwoven for your healing. The session will last anywhere from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

1.  So, what does this mean to existing clients? 

  • Angel card readings will no longer be an "Add Service" to any Reiki healing service - A Reiki healing will be just that - A Reiki healing. I have been incorporating psychic readings into my sessions, and have been feeling the need to separate this type of "energy" healing from my Reiki sessions to better serve each client and their needs.  Crystal therapy will still be offered as an "Add Service" to any Reiki session.

2.  And what is this new service?

  • In the newly designed sessions Oracle cards will be used in order to gain extra insight or validation, and on occasion a loved one in spirit might come through. 
  • Energy healing and release is often intuitively interwoven into sessions, as this is a natural part of the angelic guidance and assistance, in order to heal your personal situation(s) and internal wellness.  
  • All intuitive messages, guidance and information given are accurate and felt deeply on a soul level.  Each client is different, yet it is common to feel goose-bumps, angelic energy, and by the end of the session feel lighter, clearer and more at peace - like a noticeable 'shift' has happened.

New Service Pricing

Sandi performs this Psychic Reading/Energy Healing & Reiki globally or in person at her location in Frederick, Maryland.

  • You can choose:
    • 1.5 hr - 2hr Psychic Reading & Energy Healing Session - IN PERSON ($150) 
    • Or globally...($165)

  • Please hydrate prior to your appointment.  I always work with angels and all sessions are highly safe, confidential and light-imbued. 

  • Spiritual coaching, guidance and techniques will sometimes be offered at the end of your Psychic Reading/Energy Healing session. So please bring a journal or paper to make notes of your session. GLOBALLY - Sandi will send you a report via email regarding your session.

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Angelic Healing Services

Psychic Reading/Energy Healing


With this newly designed Psychic Reading/Energy Healing Session, Oracle cards will be used in order to gain extra insight and/or validation, and on occasion I can guarantee a loved one in spirit might come through.  Energy healing and release is often intuitively interwoven into sessions, as this is a natural part of the angelic guidance and assistance, in order to heal your personal situation(s) and internal wellness. This session will last anywhere from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. As with all my services I do ask that you hydrate prior to your appointment. 

Reiki Healing


Sandi's Reiki healing sessions as always is an integrative holistic approach to healing. She is a medical intuitive healer, guided by spirit, Sandi is able to aid in healing and release of negative chi. A 60-minute Reiki session or longer that is customized specifically to your needs. Healing your body's energy will have many beneficial effects that include relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. Available in 30-60-90-120 minute sessions.

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Reiki Classes


Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing art and spiritual practice that originated in Japan. Are you seeking improved health, balance and well-being? Learn Reiki – and healing is right in your hands!

Many people initially learn Reiki in order to experience physical healing for themselves and loved ones. With practice, they soon realize that their mental state is clearer, their emotional state is calmer, and their spiritual connection is deepened. 

The basics of Reiki healing is easy to learn in a day, but the benefits for mind, body and spirit last a lifetime.

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Smokeless - Reiki Infused

This blend is the perfect way to cleanse your area and great for energy/light workers who want to prepare sacred space without the SMOKE! Sacred Blessings in my #1 seller! 


INGREDIENTS - Sage, Cedar, Rosemary

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My way of promoting other small businesses.

This month our vendor is Glowtime, small business owner Joi Vogin.


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Effective 12/01/2018

Changes @ Seven Embers Healing

In our divine mission to heal, our journeys have lead us down seperate paths. Our clientele and list of modalities have grown and expanded to where we feel it is best for each of us to have our own businesses.  

We would like to thank you for supporting Seven Embers Healing by making us your go-to for relaxation, massage and Reiki.  

Sandi will be sole owner of Seven Embers Healing, Michelle's new business name is "Crystal Visions Massage" and Agnes's business name is "Reiki with Agnes". 

Please make note of your provider's new website and contact information for all of your appointment needs. 

Michelle and Sandi's location will remain the same, on the corner of East and 6th Street in downtown Frederick, while Agnes will see clients at her New Market, MD location.

We hope that this transition is smooth for all of our clients.  Namaste'

Updated Provider Information

Sandi Liscinsky

Seven Embers Healing


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 Crystal Visions Massage


Crystal visions massage

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