My goal is to facilitate healing of the mind, body and spirit with Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing & Psychic Readings.

Offering, support, compassion and healing for my family, friends, clients and colleagues that are battling cancer.


M-F: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Sat: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Sun.: Closed

By Appointment Only

Healing Services


This session entails an intuitive psychic reading with a relaxing healing treatment. 


Reiki healing sessions are an alternative/holistic approach to aid in your healing


I use various angel/oracle cards to provide additional guidance, answers, and/or validation. 

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Healing Location

Holistic Healing Location


407 Fairview Avenue

Frederick, MD 21701

This is my home, so I will greet you at the door either before or at the time of your appointment, otherwise please knock. Also please turn your driver side mirror of your vehicle inward.

Harlee Quinn James Liscinsky


Harlee is my 11-month old Cavalier King Charles. He is learning to be crated while I work. You may hear him cry a little - no worries, his human dad is close by to retrieve should he continue to cry. Thank you for your patience during his training. 

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All Healing Sessions

All intuitive messages, guidance and information given are accurate and felt deeply on a soul level.  Each client is different, but by the end of the session you will feel lighter, more focused and have a sense of peace - some say it feels like a noticeable 'shift' has happened within. 

Still Have Questions?

If after reviewing my website, my services and pricing and you still have questions, please drop me a line. I look forward to meeting you.


Welcome to The Boutique

Offering Reiki Infused & Blessed 

- Chakra Crystal Healing Sets

- Essential Oil Misting Sprays

& So much more coming soon!

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