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Massage Reviews

Here is what they are saying about Michelle

July 2018

Michelle is a born healer, she's skilled at what she does and just exudes good vibes! 

The space itself is beautiful and calms you as soon as you walk in. Seriously a gem of Frederick.....Margarita D

July 2017

I recently had a Reiki session with Michelle. Although it was our first meeting, I instantly felt at ease and was able to quickly relax . Michelle has a very kind, gentle, and comforting presence. Immediately following the session, I felt very light. I was encompassed by a care-free feeling I had not felt for quite some time. As I walked through downtown Frederick, I felt a warmth and a connection to those I passed. I was experiencing a sense of oneness with complete strangers....and it was awesome. I carried this feeling with me throughout the day and the experience still resonates with me. Prior to our session, I had been feeling a bit stagnant in my spiritual journey. I believe Michelle has helped to lift me over a few of the hurdles I had been struggling with and for that I am extremely grateful. Treat your soul and go visit Seven Embers...Benjamin S.

January 2017

Michelle is a wonderful healer with a beautiful spirit who cares deeply about the service she gives her clients. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and released of any tension. I will definitely return....Jennifer E.

Reiki Reviews

Here is what they are saying about Sandi

September 2018

My appointment was absolutely fabulous. Sandi DOES facilitate healing, both by being the conduit for the energy of the Divine and by her innate warmth, intuition, and intelligence. I will most definitely be back again......Nicole M.

May 2018

I just wanted to pass along a very heartfelt thanks to Sandi for her skilled care over the past year. She really has a gift and exudes a healing energy......Mike J.

December 2017

Thanks to Sandi for an excellent session. As I was leaving from my appointment I was humming a song about letting go.....Mike J.

April 2017 

Amazing session with Sandi, she knows how great Reiki is  for me!

Christine N.

Here is what they are saying about Agnes

January 2018

My now 18 year old daughter started her reiki sessions with Agnes about a year ago. It has helped her a lot to cope with anxiety and stress. My daughter’s own words: “Each reiki session is divine. It provides a therapeutic aura to my body, putting it in ease of muscle tensions. It also helps take off my mind of any problems and focus on my internal well being. Agnes is a sweet and kind individual anyone would be delighted to meet”. Agnes is a gifted reiki practitioner. With her healing hands, she provides my daughter with positive energy and mind and body balance. I highly recommend reiki with Agnes!....Shirley V.

July 2017

My wife and I had awesome reiki sessions with Agnes. Incredibly relaxing. Both physically and emotionally healing. Very highly recommended!...Mark & Susan S.

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